Monday, 27 April 2015

Paris Day 1

Hello everyone! I completely forgot to upload a blog post of my trip to Paris that was two years ago for my cousins birthday! Oops! 
We got up really early and got the Eurostar from London to Gare Du Nord, Paris. I am quite familiar with this station now that I've been on day trips to Disney and Paris a couple of times! After checking into our hotel we wondered the streets of Paris.

I love the little side streets in Paris. So quaint it looks like a painting. There were lots of shops selling Macaroons - which are my favourite! Also lots of pictures of the Eiffel tower and trinkets and cute little cafés.

We went up a big hill to see the Cathedral called The Sacré-Cœur. I didn't see this the first time I went to Paris so it was nice to see it this time.

That night we then went to The Eiffel Tower to see its sunset! It was beautiful watching the lights come on. As we were waiting we also went on the Carrousel that was near it.

Walking along the river Seine in Paris.

Next day: Arc de Triomphe & more!

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