Thursday, 16 July 2015

A Weekend In Ibiza

Hello everyone. This past weekend I was in Ibiza for my oldest friends Hen party!

It was a short visit but I really enjoyed experiencing Ibiza.

I got there quite late on the Friday night, so we just had a quick drink by the pool before going to bed as we had to get up early for a boat trip. We took a fast boat to the Island called Formentera. I didn't like the boat and for the first time got motion sickness! But it was worth it. The Island was beautiful! With white sand and crystal clear turquoise sea. I have never seen a sea that blue before! The sea was so warm and we sat in it for hours, which led me to being sunburnt but it was worth it! We had lunch next to this marina, the decor was amazing! I had melon ice cream and we got a Catamaran back - which I was happy about and we headed back to Ibiza.

We got back to the hotel which was on the sea front and went to a club called Pacha which is quite famous in Ibiza. The next day I sat in the shade but looked at the sea and had lunch. It was then time to go home. A fly in visit but I will definitely try and go back for longer soon. Even though its known for its partying, Ibiza is quite beautiful and I recommend visiting it regardless of its nightclubs.

Video to come soon! Next trip: Australia!

Enjoy the photos, Steph.

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