Tuesday, 15 September 2015

From Sydney To Melbourne

Hello everyone.

After Sydney we flew to Melbourne. It was a very short flight.

I was not prepared for the weather. It was colder than Sydney! I thought London was cold! I didn't really have that many warm clothes as its..Australia. Thankfully I had my bright yellow coat with me from Topshop :-)

We went to The Lanes for Coffee and Hot Chocolate. They reminded me of Brighton's lanes.

We went to the Casino - not to bet but to have a cocktail! They had these gigantic flames that went up every hour!

The next day. we took a bus tour to get a feel of the city. This city I find is built for creative people and I loved the vibe of it! Lots of interesting architecture. I find Melbourne very modern and quirky with lots of rustic interiors, which was my heaven! 

Melbourne reminded me so much of New York! It was their winter so all the leaves were brown.

Each city in Australia has a South Bank and an Eye. Down the South Bank there were lots of restaurants attached to a shopping centre, where I had to buy a jumper! It also had the Casino at the top. There are lots of things to do!

We hopped on the bus again and stopped off at Little Italy where they had Nutella, Mason Jars and Fluorescent bulbs galore! 

The next day we had to get up early to go a long the Great Ocean Road!

Have you been to Australia? Do you plan to? Leave me a comment below! Would love to hear your stories and plans :-)

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