Thursday, 12 November 2015

Mickey's Halloween Celebration Parade 2015

Hello everyone! I have lots of photos from my four day visit to Disneyland Paris to share. On the second day, I watched Mickey's Halloween Celebration Parade
which is shown numerous times a day at Disneyland Paris, I missed this parade. The music and the costumes are amazing with the bright oranges and yellows, featuring Mickey, Minnie and friends. I love the Witches and the leaves! The song is brilliant Vive La Vie! This was also my first time watching it on Main Street and I loved it. I normally watch it by the exit.

I hope you don't mind all these photos - I have tonnes more. It was hard to eliminate! Please enjoy and let me know if you have seen this Halloween parade at Disneyland if so, what is your favourite part? Also would love to know your all time favourite parade!



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