Thursday, 31 December 2015

A Look Back At 2015!

Hello everyone! I can't believe it is the last day of 2015. I remember doing last years round up like it was yesterday!

This year has been the best year yet. I went to Australia for a month, had the best Birthday and spent it in sunny Brighton and went to the Sky Garden. My cake was inspired by the new Cinderella film which was my favourite film this year. I also received a lovely tweet from Zoella on my birthday too which made it the best day ever! I got picked from the audience to win a ticket backstage to meet Tyler Oakley and at his Slumber Party Tour. He was so lovely! In 2015 I saw lots of new places and had lots of selfies with kangaroos, royalty and famous Mice.

I can't believe I've been to a few blogger events on my own now, and even been asked to photograph a couple. I was so nervous but I'm so pleased I went, as I met some amazing blogger friends and talked to Brands. People even recognised me from my Twitter! I hosted my first Twitter Chat and I uploaded more videos to my YouTube channel this year. I hope to continue next year. I went to the Bloggers Festival, Jewellery Box Pop Up and Bloggers Xmas. I also went to the Olympus Pen workshop at Topshop to have a go at the camera which, was the same day as meeting Joey Graceffa. I learnt a few more things about product photography.

My little blog reached 100 followers and I was over the moon! I also gained more Twitter followers this year and it makes me want to continue and be more consistent. I did 12 days of Blogmas, I bought my own website domain. I have reached a few of my blogging goals this year and I feel like next year is going to be bigger than ever for my fourth year of blogging!

I have loved travelling the other side of the world this year. I got to see the famous Ramsay Street and met one of the cast members. I met a Koala, saw the Opera House and saw a crocodile. I went along The Great Ocean Road. I went on too many boats which now I feel sea sick! But, they were worth it as I saw The Whitsunday's and The Barrier Reef. I went on a steep upwards train from The Blue Mountains and Cable Car and saw the home of the Eucalyptus plant. I saw Melbourne and Brisbane and shopped in Kikki K and, saw my first Rainforest. I went to Ibiza for 48 which was amazing and I want to go back. I went around more of London this year. I went up the Walkie Talkie for my Birthday and got serenaded by the singer, The Shard for cocktails, I saw Wicked for my 9th time, Sunny Afternoon and Cats. I went to my first ever London Fashion Week at Somerset House! I also went Segwaying which I loved! I need to do more activities in 2016. I also went to Disneyland for four days which was the best trip ever! I hope to get next years trip booked in soon as I am missing it already! My sister has been on ITV to talk about sugar so I went to the ITV Studios with her! I also saw One Direction for the last time for a while this year and I was nearly front row!

To end the year, I received some lovely baubles from the Warner Bros Studio Tour on Twitter! I couldn't believe it when they arrived in a red box with a scroll!

What a year 2015 has been and, I'm so pleased I have met and talked to wonderful bloggers this year! It has definitely made it more fun.

See you next year!

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