Friday, 4 December 2015

Disneyland Haul

Hello everyone! I hope your enjoying December so far. I thought I would so you what I got from Disneyland when I went in October.
 On the last day I met Malificent, and I saw this keyring of her on one of the carts by Phantom Manor and I had to get it! It's adorable!

This mirror is from the Disney Fashion store in Disney Village. They had Little Mermaid ones too. I love the Princess sketch design they have on women clothing in there. Definitely head there if you're a Princess fan.

I wasn't planning on buying any pins this time because, I have quite a few which you can see here. But of course when I went to the hotel shop, I saw these three which I had to buy! I bought the suite case one as we were staying in a Disneyland hotel, the Jack Skellington one says 2015 on it because it was Halloween time and it says the year we went. And lastly, the Cinderella pin as I had lunch in Auberge De Cendrillon which is a special memory for me.

I also bought this Belle mug as she was one of the Princesses we got in Auberge. Its beautiful! You also got given these shower gels in your Disney hotel room!

I also purchased this Cinderella coin purse from the same Disney Fashion store in Disney Village. Again that sketch design is beautiful! I had to buy this Cinderella figurine too, so glittery!

I saw this Minnie Mouse hat in the Disneyland Hotel, when we were eating with the Disney characters in Invensions however, I didn't buy it there but I was so pleased to have found it on the same cart when I bought the Malificent keyring! I basically did all my shopping there as I picked up my Minnie Mouse and Mickey in their Halloween outfit (I forgot to take photos of these).

And finally, this huge teddy of Mufasa and Simba. This was from the shop near Agrabah Café in Adventureland. I obviously had to buy this teddy. I have all the other Lion King characters but not one with Mufasa.

I hope you enjoyed this haul. What do you have to collect at Disneyland? Do you have a favourite purchase from Disneyland?

Enjoy Steph
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