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The Ultimate Disney Fan Interview - Traditions

Q. When was your first experience of a Disney Park? What were your first impressions?

I was super lucky to visit the Disney parks a lot when I was a very young child, but while I have a few clearer memories, most of those trips are a blur - I was under 6 for all of them!

My first 'adult' Disney trip was in 2008 (I was 14), it was Disneyland California and I was just so ridiculously excited to be there. Everything just seemed so magical, and because I had vague memories from my childhood trips, it sort of felt like I was coming back to a familiar place, even though I'd never been there before! :)

Q. Have you been to a Disney park before? If so what do you like most about it?

Yes, I've been to Disneyland Paris and Disney World in Orlando. I have two favourite things about the parks.The first is the parades and shows. In the Animal Kingdom park in Orlando they have the best Lion King show that's basically just a simplified version of the West End Musical. Definitely worth a watch! 

When I went to Orlando, I was stood next to a little girl for the evening light show. She was dressed as a princess and you could see in her face that she'd had the best day ever. That's my other favourite thing. The fact that you can escape into a different world and just get totally lost in it. You dress like a princess or wear mouse ears. You do whatever you want, it doesn't matter because you're in Disney World and you can be whatever you want to be!

If you could stay in any hotel in any Disney park, which would it be and why?

It's a hard one, I think beach club at WDW or Disneyland Hotel at DLP. I love luxury and staying on Boardwalk at such a gorgeous hotel would be dreamy.

Q. When travelling to Disney what are the things you must do first?

The very first thing when we arrive is explore all of our hotel because we know that we won't get a chance for the rest of the holiday. On our first day we usually go to our least favourite park first so that it's more of a build up, but I've been told by many people that this is the wrong way to do it and so this year, Magic Kingdom comes first!

Q. Are there any Disney characters that you have to meet when you first arrive at Disney? Which character meet has left you with an amazing memory?

Well we always start our trip off by going to Animal Kingdom as it is our favourite park! So we would say Baloo and King Louis as they are so awesome and funny and always great to interact with!

As for our best memory it will have to be Mike and Sulley from Monsters Inc! Purely as we love them so much and they will no longer be there anymore!

Q. What is your favourite Disney film? Do you like the traditional films in 2D animation or the recent ones which are more 3D? 

My favourite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast. It's very important to me personally, and I know it word for word. I have a great passion and love for the traditional 2D animation. It's what Walt Disney started with. Although the CGI animation does get more and more amazing to watch. But 2D will always be my favourite.

Q. What brings back Disney nostalgia for you? The sights? The food? Any traditions you have to do when at a park?

My biggest tradition when I go to Disney is to go to Magic kingdom on the first day.  I also NEED to have a hollywood scoops when I'm watching the Beauty and the Beast stage show.  It reminds me of when I use to go with my mum and we would always do it.  I also have to have Mickey vanilla and chocolate cookies while riding the people mover which is a must at least 5 times a trip!!

Q. Has there been a character that you have loved since you were little? Do you have a new favourite now or still the same?

Ariel has always been my favourite character since I can remember and she still is! I'm naturally a redhead, so I was automatically drawn to her from a young age. I love her ambition and her thirst for adventure, plus who wouldn't love to be a mermaid?

Q. Do you collect anything in particular merchandise when visiting a Disney park or store? If so how long have you been collecting for? 

I collect quite a lot of Disney merchandise both outside the parks and from the store. Since I was little I have always collected Disney plushes, so I would say I have one for near enough every character. I always have to get one when I go to the parks too! 

My main collection though is Disney Pin badges. I’ve collected Disney pins since 2002, and have amassed quite a collection, mainly Stitch. I love buying pins when I go to the parks as I love being able to look through them all and actually see them physically before buying them. I do buy them from the Disney Store, but since I can only get them online I don’t buy them that often as the postage is quite expensive.

Q. What is your favourite Disney memory? Anything in the parks you must do over and over again?

My favourite Disney Memory is when I got to meet Eeyore! He's my absolute favourite and he was so difficult to find in the park because him and Piglet aren't as popular as Pooh and Tigger. Magic Kingdom was closing at 7 that night for Mickey's Halloween, and Eeyore was schedule to be seen exactly at 7pm! So I told my friend they would have to drag me out of the park! As I was saying this a park attendee overheard me and said "Sorry m'am you will be escorted out of the park at 7pm" I told her I was going to hide in the bathrooms (haha serious!) and I got so upset, I could tell she started to understand how upset I was becoming. I told her he was my favourite and I waited 4 years since the last time I've been here to see him. She then said "Well.. 4 years! How about I take you to see Eeyore right now :)" and she took us to the Crystal Palace so I could get a photo with him! I cried like a baby afterwards, it was honestly a dream come true!

I wish I could relive this over and over again

Q. Do you have a Disney bucket list? If so what are somethings on your list?

Doesn’t every Disney fanatic have a bucket list? Disney has influenced my childhood and kept me dreaming through to adulthood. Even now at 21 I can’t wait to go to Disney Land Paris for my 21st in June! Of course I have a bucket list and I reckon it will continue to grow and grow:

Visit every Disney Park in the world: Ah so apparently there are 7 Disney parks - okay it’s probably a little too ambitious – but a girl can dream right?

Stay in Cinderella’s castle suite: I mean is there any question about this one? Have you seen it!? It’s every Disney lovers dream.

Meet Marie & Belle: Two of my ultimate favourite Disney characters. I would love to meet Belle in her blue village dress (but of course the ball gown would be acceptable too) and Marie because she is a serious cat goal.

Go to Alice’s curious labyrinth and ride the teacups with Alice: I love this area of DLP and cannot wait to go back. It would be simply amazing if Alice were to ride the teacups with me.

Own every Disney DVD: I admit it, I must be a bad Disney fan I don’t own all the DVDS but if I could afford it I would and have them all displayed nicely in order.

Wake up in Disney on my birthday: This is something I will be achieving this year in June. I cannot wait!

Wear Disney themed clothing everyday during my stay at DLP: Again something I WILL be doing (I cannot wait to share what I’ve bought)

Dine with royalty: I am super excited to be dining with the princesses in June for lunch. My dream trio would be: Belle, Ariel and Sleeping Beauty. But as long as I meet Belle I think I will settle for any!

Own a Miss Pots & Chip tea set: This is the only one I have achieved! I got the set for Christmas and was so happy I think I cried a little bit. I have wanted Miss Pots and Chip for as long as I can remember and now they take pride of place on my bookshelf. Now to get Cogs worth and Lumiere.

Q. What is your favourite ride? Are there any you have to go one once you get to Disney?

That's a tough question to answer. If we expand the term ride to include ALL attractions at Disneyland Paris, that opens things up a bit. Something that's been on my mind lately is, the way you want an attraction to make you feel changes over time. When you're younger, you can easily crave physical thrills. But as you get older, you can end up wanting something a bit deeper and more meaningful. So, these days what I really crave is that "magical" feeling. I want an attraction to truly feel magical. I want an attraction to overwhelm my senses to the point that my heart is beating fast and I get all emotional. I want an attraction to take me to a higher level, to a place that no roller coaster ride ever could.

So, on that basis, I'm probably going to say... Disney Dreams! I'm even surprised at my own answer because I love Big Thunder Mountain and the Tower of Terror. But right now, I think Disney Dreams! is where it's at. For 20 minutes you're immersed in a fantasy. Even though you're awake, clearly standing outdoors in France, everything you're seeing is so stunning, and so perfect, it really is like dreaming with your eyes open. And the soundtrack, especially all of the Peter Pan parts, is so beautiful, so uplifting, and so powerful, that it's hard not to be moved to tears.

Q. Where is the first place you head to when you arrive at Disneyland? Do you have a favourite part of the park?

The first place I go really depends on my mood. I always go to Disneyland Park first, and I always try to spend about 20 minutes soaking in Main Street before doing anything. If I'm in the park early enough to be doing Extra Magic Hours, I'll usually go to Peter Pan first. Otherwise, probably Pirates of the Caribbean. I will then walk around the park taking in the sights and sounds before sitting down to have a cake or muffin in the Cable Car Bakeshop. Sitting and relaxing with a drink on Main Street is a big part of any of my trips to Disneyland Paris. My favourite part of the park would have to be Adventure Isle, it's such a fun place to walk and get lost in an alternate world.  Plus, I really like photography and I always seem to find interesting new things to take photos of, or new angles.

Q. Who is your favourite Princess and why?

My favourite Princess would definitely be Ella (Cinderella) from Disney's live action Cinderella. No matter what Ella goes through she always remains kind and remembers to have courage ("have courage and be kind") and I'd love to be more like her! I usually end up watching the film about once a month now to remind myself of the importance of these two things, and when I find myself loosing patience with someone or facing a situation I find scary now I try to think of what Ella would do. I'll definitely never be as selfless or courageous as Ella is but I think having these two things to aspire to is so important, both for giving us the courage to overcome our fears and helping to spread kindness in the world.

Q. Do you travel to Disney often? If so when was your first visit? If not do you plan on going to a Disney park if so which one?

My first visit to a disney park was when I was 2 years old and we went to Disneyland California. I've been to Disneyland Paris a few times but my first visit to Walt Disney World was last year. I'd love to visit the Disney parks more often but obviously it can get quite expensive. I'm currently planning another trip to Walt Disney World in 2017, so fingers crossed that happens!

Q. What is the first thing you think of when you see the word Disney? Does it bring back any vivid memories for you?

This classic piece of artwork is the first thing I think of when I see the word Disney. It shows Walt, Mickey and the castle, stripping it back to Disney's origins and how it all started with Walt and a very special mouse. Part of being a Disney fan for me is remembering Disney's roots and Walt's visions. To quote him 'I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse' and Disney wouldn't be what it is today without Walt and Mickey, so I like to associate my perception of Disney with them as much as possible.

I went to Walt Disney World a lot when I was little and the vivid memories that seeing the word Disney brings back are being sat in my Snow White dress, having breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table in Magic Kingdom. We got photos with all of the characters and they treated my sister and I like little princesses!

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