Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Disneyland Paris April Day One

Hello everyone. I am just back from Disneyland Paris and I had the best time! I was there for two days but have so many memories.

I went on my own on the Wednesday and when I got there I met Eleanor and the others and we went to get my Dream Annual Pass. I was so excited! It now means I can get discounts on food and in the stores and unlimited access to the park for 365 days and hotel discounts! 

It started to pour with rain! I have only experienced Disneyland in hot sun. It only rained once on my birthday in July and was sunny the rest. So this was a bit of a shock for me haha.

After getting my Annual Pass, I met the lovely Laura as she arrived and the lovely Nicola! We were so excited! As it was raining, we decided to head to the Princess Pavilion. The queue wasn't that long but started to get quite busy as everyone had the same idea!

We got round to the front and if you don't know what happens, you get a surprise Princess. We were so happy we got Ariel! She was lovely and perfect and we took shelfies and twirled together! She loved my ears too!

We then headed for the Mary Poppins show. Last time I went this show was included with Minnie's train but, this year it is on the castle stage.

We didn't get a good view but I managed to get it the next day for more photos and videos.

It was then time for Magic On Parade! It was the best as I managed to get a selfie with Peter Pan and he was amazing! Normally he is on his float, but I think with the rain his and Mary's float weren't running. But this means they could come up to guests and I was so lucky he came to me!


We then ran to Forest of Enchantment. I didn't really like it as much watching it on YouTube but, in real life it is amazing and features great Disney films. The songs really make you happy and its much better in person! They had announced it would be in French last week but we had it in English.

It was then time to head to Café Mickey for dinner! They have changed the menu a lot since 2013 and not much for me to eat on there but, I requested something plain that they had on there so even if you can't find something on their menus always ask, they will always try and sort out a meal for you.

We had Mickey and Winnie the Pooh characters! No Minnie but we had Eeyore instead.

It was time to say goodbye to Nicola which I was really sad about. We are planning October and a possible trip to WDW too! I then headed back into the parks to meet the others.

We had a wonder around the shops whilst dreams was on. I love dusk at Disneyland. It is so magical!

I watched a bit of Dreams but I videoed it this time which you can watch here.

I went to get my case and we had a look around the Disneyland hotel. It was then time to head to bed. I stayed at HiPark hotel and I wish I was staying there in the summer now. So convenient and quick to get to.

I hope you enjoyed day one.

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