Wednesday, 1 October 2014

New York In Half A Day!

Hello! Happy 1st of October!

These photos where from my trip to New York earlier in the Spring time.

I didn't even know I was going until we got to the airport! The flight was overbooked, so they diverted us to Newark which meant we could explore New York for 8 hours!

We saw a lot for only a short a mount of time there. I have been before but when I was younger. I want to go back and explore all the quaint little shops and places!

We tried to go up the Empire State Building but had to go to get our flight to Denver, but I have done that in the past.

Saw Times Square could sit there all day! I loved the horses at Central Park! Grand Plaza was amazing too with all their cakes!

A taxi drove us from our hotel to the city and upon arriving you could get a good shot of the famous skyline. I managed this photo it was amazing seeing all the skyscrapers from a distance!

I finally got to see the Wicked theatre too, and the Chrysler building is my favourite in the world! Its beautiful!

That was all we had time for for this trip sadly but it means a reason to go back and explore more!

The best day of my life!

We had to then catch our flight to Denver.


Next trip report: Denver, CO.

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