Thursday, 20 November 2014

Chicago 2012 Trip!

In 2012 I went to Chicago.

I instantly loved the city with its Sky Scrapers and the fog.

I took a boat tour of the buildings.

It was a foggy day but that made it even more exciting and I was pleased with the photos I managed to get!

We went to Navy Pier, Millennium Park, The Bean and the Chicago Zoo!

My favourite part of the trip, apart from The Bean of course, was sitting for hours in the John Hancock Tower! We sat in the bar watching the fog come in and the sun go down!

Also saw the beginning of Route 66!

I remember sitting next to The Bean with a book as it was a sunny morning and by the afternoon it was submerged in fog! The weather is very changeable in Chicago! It's known as "The Windy City" but we had a stroke of luck as they were experiencing a heat wave for March!

It was one of the best trips ever and would go back in a heartbeat.

Poppies in the Millennium Park! Stunning.

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