Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Meeting Zoella!

Back in the summer I went to an event called Summer In The City, which is an event where you can meet your favourite YouTubers and learn tips on the way! I had a three day pass and found the lectures really valuable.

On the Saturday of the event there was a meet and greet to meet Blogger, Zoella! The first video I ever saw of hers was Our Blogging Tips & Advice and that inspired me to progress my blog!

She was the loveliest person to meet. I spoke to her about my travels to Mykonos, as she has a blog post mentioning that she went there as well, and I gave her one of my photos from my trip to Greece! I really enjoyed my chat with her and if any of you bloggers get the chance to meet her you have to take it! 

Girl Online is out today and I can't wait to get it for Christmas (I hope!). I am also loving her beauty range! Her transition from blogger to Author inspires me to sell my photographs!

Thanks for being so inspiring, Zoe!

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