Monday, 23 February 2015

#LFW, Topshop and Cats

I went to London this weekend to see the musical Cats and thought it was really good! It kind of ties in with Fashion week thier outfits are quite fancy. Even the theatre was!

We had something to eat after the show and headed to Topshop! It would be rude not to! I am so pleased I did because it was all geared up for London's Fashion Week #LFW. I have never been to London Fashion Week before but, recently I have been wanting to experience it with my own eyes. I think watching Tanya Burrs's vlogs about it has made me want to go even more thanks Tanya! :-)

When I was looking around Topshop, I spotted this section downstairs. It had some clothes set out like it would at a fashion show in its own little area and there was even a vending machine..? What a vending machine? What could have been in there? Sweets? Think again...The girl said to tweet @Topshop with the hashtag #TopshopTreats, and once I did that, the vending machine gave me a free pouch which had a free blush and nail varnish! I was in awe! It is such a good marketing campaign! I was very happy with my freebee and cannot wait for #LFW even more so now!

Topshop also have these screens outside in the windows and around London with Live tweets and clips of cat walk shows.

London is so pretty at night must go up more often than I do! (All these photos were taken on my iPhone 6. Don't worry I will be taking my DSLR camera to Fashion Week!).

This is what I got as my freebee.

See you at Fashion Week!
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