Thursday, 19 February 2015

Lifestyle - Pancake Day, Whole Foods & Anthropologie

Welcome to a new part of my blog. Lifestyle. I've wanted to do this for a while now, photograph other things daily besides when I go away. So here is my first post on lifestyle! Let me know what you think :-)

At the weekend, I wanted to go to Whole Foods Market which is quite new in London. I had a good look around, it is a great idea but, I wish it wasn't so pricey. The only thing I bought in there was one of their reusable bags. I liked the grind your own Nut Butter machine - must try that next time! Everything had Valentines heart shaped themed to the fruit and healthy chocolate.

Next, I visited Anthropologie.

LOVE this shop! I found a cute mug with letters on it so I got one with the initial S! I can't wait to have a hot chocolate out of it.

It was also Pancake Day on Tuesday so I had some but I have already been having pancakes that you can put in a microwave for the past month! It is also becoming a lot like spring in London which I cannot wait for!

Let me know, did you have pancakes? What do you think of Whole Foods? Do you shop there? What about Anthropologie?

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