Monday, 2 March 2015

My First London Fashion Week!

On Thursday the 26th Feb 2014, I went to my first ever London Fashion Show. The first day of London Fashion Weekend. It was wet and cold typical London weather, but I had a fabulous time and would recommend it!

I picked up my free tote bag and had a look around all the rooms. Each room was showcasing different clothes and accessories for you to buy. The first thing which caught my eye, were these tiny necklaces which were little words wired together in a delicate font. I purchased one that said 'darling' in gold. They had another in rose gold saying 'wonder' which may have to be my second purchase. You also got a freebee with your purchase and I chose a bracelet, this time with tiny little silver stars on it. The brand is called Estella Bartlett.

We had another look around. Saw some beautiful patterned scarfs and weirdly shaped sunglasses - one was a cut out of a country!

Once we finished looking at the hall where you could buy the clothes from the cat walk, it was time to experience my first ever runway show, which we managed to get second row!

Our show was a Trend. Apparently the 70's are back and metallics are still in, even though it is now Spring, which I am happy about!

I would love to own this jacket.

At the end of the show they all came out to Uptown Funk, which created a great atmosphere! I will definitely try and go for the Autumn shows at the end of the year.
Here are some iPhone snaps enjoy and happy Spring!

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