Monday, 23 March 2015

Welcome To Hogwarts!

Last week the Hogwarts Express pulled into its new home at the Warner Bros Studio, London. Having featured in the films for ten years, guests can now experience the famous steam train itself, which Harry, Ron and Hermione travelled to Hogwarts in.

This was my fifth visit, and every time it is just as magical as the first. I am so pleased the studio has something new to offer. It was very exciting indeed.

Each carriage was labelled with what film it was used for. I loved the little details.

There was a green screen section where you could sit down and look at the window as it played scenery like you were travelling to Hogwarts. At one point a Dementor appeared at the window and froze it! This was a very cool experience.

The new part of the Warner Bros Studio Tour is amazing and I'd highly recommend going!

Here are the rest of my photos from the original parts of the tour I hope you enjoy!

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