Monday, 18 May 2015

Cinderella Costume On Display

Hello everyone. I have been obsessed with the new Cinderella film from Disney and have seen it twice in cinema already. Have you seen it?
I was disappointed that I missed both Harrod's display of the costumes and the exhibition in London. But, on Friday before going to Tyler Oakley's Slumber Party, I popped into Westfield which is a huge shopping centre in London. They had a Disney Store and I was so excited when I saw a huge dress in the window!

It isn't her beautiful blue gown but this one is just as beautiful.

I don't know whether the Disney Store on Oxford Street still has the Pumpkin Carriage where you can walk through it, but it was advertised in the display.

(Please note all content is copyrighted to Disney, I took the photographs).

It is funny how my outfit matches the display :-)
They also had a frozen statue.

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