Monday, 22 June 2015

A Fortnight Summary

Hello everyone! The last two weeks have been crazy. I have done so much. It's definitely summer now!

From the top: 

I went to Piccadilly Circus by myself to go to a Topshop Olympus Pen Summer School workshop. It was pretty interesting to learn more about white balance and manual mode - which I needed to refresh on. I wish I went to the street photography one too. Afterwards, I had a ticket to meet Joey Graceffa - He's a Youtuber who's just bought out a book! That night I also hosted my first ever Twitter Chat on #CBloggers and had very little battery on the way home! But I got back and hope I was a good host 

The next week kicked off with my sisters 30th! We went on Segways! It was so amazing and I'm glad I did it! It was really fast at first, you wonder how is this thing going to move? But once you get the hang of it its a great feeling! They have Safari Segways in Australia may have to do that. We also went to a nice restaurant for dinner it was all pink!

I also went to Piccadilly Circus again the following week. Our cousins from Australia were staying with us and we went to see Sunny Afternoon - a musical about the Kinks! I didn't realise how many songs I actually new. We also had plenty of BBQ's and celebrated Fathers Day with a nice walk along the river.

This week I am seeing Idina Menzel. I can't wait to see her.

What are your plans for the upcoming weeks? It's my birthday in two weeks and I have a lot of fun things planned for it :-)

Let me know your summer plans in the comments below!

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