Friday, 24 July 2015

My World Wish List!

Hello everyone. 

Its the summer time! Where are you off to on holiday? I am off to Australia very soon and cannot wait!

Every Thursday on Twitter is the #travelbloggers chat and this week, Jasmine Charlotte hosted it. We were all talking about places in Europe and there's a lot of places I haven't been to yet, so I thought I'd write down my wish list of places I want to see! Enjoy!

  1. Rome - I have always wanted to visit Rome and stay in an old fancy hotel. It just looks beautiful!
  2. Budapest - This also looks really pretty with its fairy lights and side streets. Also George Ezra's song has made me want to visit too.
  3. Iceland - Hopefully I am going early next year! I really want to visit this place with its ice and volcanoes to the Northern Lights! I have seen them in Finland many years ago! Before Christmas we went for a day trip and I saw them but, my camera was one that required AA batteries and as it was -40 degrees. It died after one photo, so I need to go back with my DSLR camera!
  4. Amsterdam is another place that looks fascinating.
  5. Norway - same reason as Iceland with the Northern Lights. With its big lakes and mountains, also Frozen was set in Norway and have always wanted to visit.
  6. Australia
Outside of Europe
  1. Disneyland California - I have been to California but, as we went to Disney World Orlando before we didn't stop in Disneyland, and thats where I really want to visit as its the original!
  2. Calgary - Lake Louise looks stunning and all the snowy trees!
  3. Toronto - I really want to visit the Niagara Falls one day.
  4. Yosemite National Park & Yellowstone - those Geysers look incredible and all the different creatures and big trees look unbelievable!
  5. New Orleans - My sister recently went and I would love to visit. It sounds like an exciting lively place! 
These are only a few places in the world that I want to see but, there are many more! Australia was on there too and, I am crossing that off very soon!

Please let me know of your top five places you want to visit. Have you ticked any off your list yet? I would love to hear! Also let me know where you are going on holiday.

Have a great trip! Steph.
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