Monday, 21 September 2015

A Trip To Ramsay Street!

Hello everyone. I finally did it! After all these years of watching Neighbours, I finally went down Ramsay Street and Erinsborough!
If you don't know what I'm on about - it's the show where Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan become known.

I have watched it for years on and off and have always wanted to walk down Ramsay Street and see Susan's house for myself, and this trip to Australia I finally did it!

The tour was great! Round the corner from our hotel the bus picked us up at 10am and we headed off. It's a bit of a drive from Melbourne City centre but well worth it! Our tour guide was hilarious and told us facts about Neighbours like they can't say the word pregnant that much as its a show for everyone. It's really cool to find out how they filmed it, what they're not allowed to say and how they get around it as I did media at university. 

We finally got to the set. They weren't filming on the day we went but it meant we could walk around the famous car workshop and sit at the desk and "answer" phone calls. We hopped back onto the bus and headed for Ramsay Street!

It's smaller than I imagined - you will have to find out why when you go to the tour! But it's so pretty and a real street where people actually live! One of the houses is a dressing room!

Here's some more photo's can you guess who lives at each house? I hope you enjoy them!

The tour included a star meet and greet. I was so lucky to have met Kym Valintine who plays Libby Kennedy!


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