Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Great Ocean Road!

Hello everyone! Today's post is very picture heavy as its about the stunning Great Ocean Road!

On the Tuesday, we got up at 6am on a long bus journey from Melbourne to the Great Ocean Road. It was a very windy day but worth it!

On the way the bus driver stopped off a few places and gave us sandwiches with Vegemite with these coconut marshmallow cakes which were amazing! I didn't try the Vegemite though no thank you! We stopped off at this beautiful beach with the softest sand. We then headed onto the Twelve Apostles!

What a brilliant sight! There isn't twelve any more as some have crumbled away. There were snakes in the bushes on the way which was quite scary. We got to the main viewing area and they were breath taking! You could get a helicopter to see them all but we were quite tight with time as we had to get back onto the bus. I have never seen so many selfie sticks!

The waves were really high that day crashing onto the Apostles. There was a beach down the bottom that you could go to but I stayed at the top.

We then got back onto the bus again and went around to another viewing point to see the last few. It is such a great day out and not one to be missed if you ever visit Australia!

I hope you enjoy my many photos of the Great Ocean Road!


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