Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Great Barrier Reef!

Hello everyone! Today we adventure deep down in the Great Barrier Reef! We got up very early to board a Quick Silver Boat Tour from Port Douglass, which would take us out to the world famous Barrier Reef.

It was quite a choppy day which I did not like! We entered the worlds washing machine - bit scary! Finally got to the floating platform and it was the best day ever! They had lots of activities to do when you got there like, Scuba Diving, Snorkelling and a Submarine! You could also have lunch on the floating platform. I tried the Snorkelling out but I was quite nervous as it was my first time and out in a deep ocean. I couldn't get used to the fish swimming around my feet on the steps, I even had a life jacket on. I dipped my head in anyhow with all the gear and my sports camera. I'm so pleased I even did that! The sea was a very vibrant turquoise colour with lots of different patterned fish! 

I saw the submarine and thought I would do that to see more of the coral beds. It was very choppy on the surface but inside wasn't too bad - until you hit the Australian current like in Finding Nemo! Oh if you were wondering, I didn't find Nemo. But I'm glad I went in the Submarine as I saw a turtle! It was the best experience of my life seeing all the different types of marine life! On the floating platform there is also an underwater viewing area for those that don't wish to go in a Submarine.

It was a great day out and despite my fear of boats I am so pleased I did it and I will never forget this day!

I hope you enjoy my photos. I will have a video up soon of my underwater footage!


This was the highlight for me. Seeing a turtle in its natural habitat!

Please excuse the hair - this was after Snorkling haha!

This bird was this mans best friend! It was sitting by him all day!

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