Monday, 19 October 2015

My Disney Pin Collection!

Hello everyone! Not long now until I go to Disneyland Paris for Halloween and I am so excited! So I thought I'd share my current pin collection before I get more pins soon.

It all started back when I went to Disneyland Paris for my very first time in 2005.
My Dad bought me a pin of The Legend of The Lion King (which was a show back then in Paris). The following year, we went back to Walt Disney World for my second time and he bought me the 2006 Stitch pin and since going back to Paris in 2011, I've been hooked!

I used to buy pins from Hardrock Cafés in Orlando from around the world (still do). so it wasn't long until I was into Disney pin collecting! I even traded my first pin a couple of years ago at the Disney Store in London!

I need to get a new lanyard when I go in a weeks time as my current one from 2012 is full! I have ordered a few online and bought some in Hong Kong's airport Disney store too!

Here is La Légende Du Roi Lion pin from the show they used to have at Disneyland Paris. Also my Stitch pin from Walt Disney World in 2006.

I bought this Elsa pin from the Disney Store online. The Evil Queen pin was one that I traded for a London pin inside the Disney Store on Oxford Street with a Cast Member.

I also recently bought this Cinderella pin as I love the new film and the Olaf pin as it is Limited Edition online.

These three pins where from my trips last year in March and June!

These are all my Princess pins! I bought the Ariel ones after meeting her in the Pavillion but, the first one a man in the shop gave it to me as I was wearing an Ariel jumper!

I got this Minnie Cast Member badge pin in the Hong Kong airport store and the Windy City pin when I went to Chicago in 2012!

These are my city pins. Theres another one from Hong Kong, London, Chicago and New York when I went for the day last year! That Disney Store is amazing so I had to get a pin!

Here are a few from Disneyland Paris. Dreams, the Castle, Ear hat and The Lion King. Also my Walt Disney World pin.

These pins are very special as they are from the 20th at Disneyland Paris! I am so pleased to have picked these ones up as you won't be able to get them now!

These pins I bought when I went in 2011 for my birthday and Halloween trip.

I am so excited to collect more pins next week and show you my growing collection! Do you collect pins or any souvenirs when you go to a Disney park? Do let me know!

Enjoy Steph
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