Monday, 5 October 2015

Port Douglass, Australia

Hello everyone! It is time to visit the tropics of Australia!

We flew from Melbourne to Cairns which I was very happy about. I loved Melbourne, but was ready to experience the warmer side of Australia.

When we got to Cairns, we rented a car and drove to Port Douglass which, is beautiful. I highly recommend adding this to your road trip around the East Coast of Australia. We went to the beach near our villa for the day and it is stunning. You can get to the Barrier Reef from here too. The town is great. Full of restaurants and bars. One called the Iron Bar where they race frogs and it is made out of - iron! This is a must visit bar for its quirkiness. In the evening on the first day, there were fireworks so we watched them too.

The next day we drove back down to Cairns to the Great Barrier Reef! Coming next!

I hope you enjoy the photos of day one in Port Douglass!


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