Saturday, 3 October 2015

Zoella Beauty - Wonder Hand

Hello everyone! I was so excited when Zoe announced her new products the other day. One that really stuck out for me and that I was most excited for was her new hand cream - Wonder Hand!
I can get very dry hands so I was very excited when she said she was bringing out a hand cream in her original range scent, and the packaging is beautiful!

It was very hard to open this packaging as it's very pretty in its rose gold colour and lace pattern. On the inside flaps it says 'high five' and on the other 'be the best version of you' I love these little reminders. I love her quote 'just say yes'. 

The cream itself is very light and doesn't leave your hands greasy and, it sinks in very quickly!

The scent is heavnly and it definitely is calming and not too over powering. 

This product will now be a must have of mine. I hope she brings out a Tutti Fruity version! :-)

Can't wait to see what more products you bring out Zoe!


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