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Welcome To Storybrooke

Hello everyone!

I'd thought I'd share with you all my photos from my two trips to Once Upon A Time's Storybrooke!

Located in Richmond, in a town called Steveston, Steveston? Isn't it Maine? Nope it is actually filmed in Vancouver, Canada!
A real street where people shop and have coffee and do daily things, run real shops but, it turns into a TV set for film Once Upon A Time. The stars all shop on this street and even go in the Starbucks on the corner! The street is called Mocton Street. How do you get there? Not by a portal but, if you get the train from Vancouver station, you can get a monorail train (a self driving train) to the town Richmond. You then get a bus to Mocton Street. Its a bit of a way out but if you're a fan of ONCE and are in Vancouver you DEFINITELY do not want to miss this!

The first trip I went to was in April 2013 with my sister. It was so cold and was snowing in the mountains. We headed off to the station. Is is quite tricky to understand the train system in Vancouver, we almost didn't bother but, worked it out in the end and we were off to Storybrooke! The locals are so lovely and they are really grateful the show is a big hit. Even in the post office they were selling merchandise. I bought a top and a badge, also some hand drawn post cards of the sets!

The first thing you recognise is Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop! It is there all the time. They take down most of the signs for day to day life but keep Mr Gold permanent and closed!

Next, if you walk down the street you can see the pet shelter and Granny's Café which I had the best hot chocolate in! They don't film inside here but, it's the same layout.

Can you see me again?

The second visit I went was in November for Thanksgiving as we went to Seattle too with our parents in 2013. It was much sunnier this visit!

Next down the street, you might recognise this sign on the show.

This was up both times I went so I think it is permanent.

This sign here you may remember it saying Storybrooke.

And finally, on the corner of Mocton Street is Belle's infamous library and clock tower.

There's no clock on that roof you say? Unfortunately I was disappointed as well. It is all CGI but, looks the same on the outside! This was sadly shut as I went on a Sunday.

Spot me pretending to be a cast member haha!

Here it is again in my second trip in the sunshine.

This shop is also used in a scene . I can't remember the episode but I did recognise it.

I urge you to visit the Candy Dish down the road. This shop is filled with Once Upon A Time inspired sweets. From Fairy wands to the Evil Queen's poisoned apples, you will be in your element! I know I was! Henry and Mr. Gold have shopped here themselves. Sadly, both times I went I didn't see them filming or a cast member walking around but, hopefully next year if we go back to Vancouver on our Canada trip, I will go back and hopefully they will be there!

This was one of the many treats I purchased. Snow White Bubble Gum flavoured fudge which is made fresh! I think the pattern was inspired by Regina if I remember, and it was delicious! I have been on the hunt for Bubble Gum extract to make my own ever since and of course I bought more when I went the second time.

Steveston itself is worth visiting, even if you're not a fan of ONCE, because it its so quaint and peaceful. You can also go whale watching in the marina area.

This is where our favourite Captain Hook's ship is sometimes kept! I didn't see it as I think one local told me it had been moved to the official sets for filming but it is there occasionally. You will recognise these scenes where Regina has walked before.

There is a walking tour guide available for a donation I think it is from the Candy Dish, but if you ask in one of the shops they will probably have one! There is also an Ice Cream shop with names of the characters but I didn't get that far to photograph them.
I loved photographing this area. It is so beautiful.

This seagull photo is one of my favourite photos I've taken of all time, and in one of my favourite places.

Lastly, this lake has been featured in a scene with Mr. Gold and I think I remember one with Emma too.

Final note, visit the Starbucks at the end of the town. You never know, you may bump into Mary-Margaret or Prince Charming!

Here are some iPhone snaps of my first trip with my hot chocolate and waffle from Granny's!

Vancouver Waterfront.

I hope you enjoyed this lengthy post about ONCE. Let me know if you are a fan in the comments below and if you're planning to go to Vancouver soon. It is definitely worth a visit if you're a fan. It was quite new when I went but I still loved seeing it. The town itself is worth the visit :-)


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