Monday, 14 March 2016

Disney & Kikki K Haul

Hello everyone! Today I'd thought I'd share with you my most recent Disney purchases. I have ordered a few things online as there was a sale for Leap Year and I popped into the Covent Garden store last weekend, and I have also popped into the Harrods store so here are my recent purchases.

How cute is this count down from Urban Outfitters?!

First up, I went to Covent Garden after the photoshoot, and realised my two favourite shops are now next to each other and had to pop into Kikki K and pick up these beautiful rose gold stickers for my new planner and I grabbed the last rose gold pen! It writes beautifully! I am so pleased my two favourites are next to each other haha!

Next is this stunning Lumiere figurine from the Leap Year sale. I have wanted a figurine of him for ages but didn't want the huge light up one. This one is perfect size and adorable!

Tsum Tsums, I wasn't going to get into them because I didn't get them! But now I do and they're adorable! I bought some Peter Pan ones and Frozen with Snow White and then I wasn't going to buy the Lion King ones but I couldn't resist. I have all the characters in other sizes so I had to have them miniature too! If you've followed me for a while, you'll know The Lion King is my absolute favourite Disney film next to Frozen and, I was devastated to see they had all gone by the time I was convinced but, my friend Lizi told me they sell them on Clintons! I got them all apart from Zazu and the Hyenas as they weren't on there, I will get them one day. I may have The Little Mermaid ones on the way.

Carrying on with Tsum Tsums, I was in Tescos buying the new Princess eggs which I got Snow White and Ariel, I picked up this cute book with stickers for my planner!

Also on the Disney Store sale, I picked up this beautiful, well made Minnie bag for my July trip! It's so cute! I wanted the black bow one but that was a tad bit expensive but love this one! I also visited the Harrods Disney Store and picked up a Minnie and Mickey Tsum Tsum.

The details are adorable!

I hope you've enjoyed this Disney Haul! What are your favourite items? Will you pick any up?

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