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The Ultimate Disney Fan Interview

Hello everyone! Last week I said on Twitter I wanted to interview members of the Disney community. The response has been amazing and I loved reading all your answers. I couldn't wait to share them with you all! I love this community so much and have made amazing friends which, I can't wait to meet at the next Disney Bloggers Meet up! Maybe even at the Halloween Soirée this year in Disneyland Paris! 

I hope you enjoy the questions from your favourite Disney community members including Bloggers, Vloggers and Podcasters! 

I will be doing this regularly so, if you are interested in being featured in the future, then please let me know on Twitter or you can email me :-)

Enjoy part one! Steph

Q. What was the best thing about working for Disney? Do you collect specific merchandise?

The best thing about working for Disney is definitely knowing that you are a very small cog in a huge, magic-making machine. Even though I was working in a quick service restaurant, it always felt like I was part of something bigger. If a guest finds a rude cast member or has a problem at lunchtime, everything can start going downhill, so it felt important to keep the magic going all day. And, of course, the free unlimited access to the parks isn't too bad either! 

I collect Tsum Tsums, though I have to restrict myself to only buying my absolute favourite characters and designs. I also have to buy a Disney plush every time I visit Walt Disney World, it's tradition!

Q. What got you into Fantasy blog tours? Whats your favourite part of Neverland?

I started my tour business two years ago and originally it was specifically for Fantasy / Sci Fi and Paranormal based books. I made this decision because I've always loved Fantasy - books and films, and find they can be quite underrated at times. I also wasn't aware of any companies who specialised in just those genres and I wanted to spread the word and show people how amazing these books can be. Of course I've expanded and now cater for all other genres since my business has grown but Fantasy authors always know they can come to me! 

My favourite part of Neverland.... That's such a tricky question! I love Mermaid Lagoon! I think I'd be very happy there. 

Q. What Season is your favourite at Disneyland Paris? What is your favourite park?

This is extremely tough for me as I have two favourites but if I HAVE to choose, my absolute favourite season is Halloween! I love being able to see the villains altogether and the decorations are amazing! I'm going to my first Soirée this year and I can't wait! 

My favourite park out of the two has got to be the Disneyland Park of course! As much as I absolutely adore the studios as it has 2/3 of my favourite rides, the Disneyland park will always have my heart! That moment I see the castle makes me feel so emotional and I always have a little cry!

Q. What is your favourite part of sharing your Disney videos? Who is your favourite character to meet other than Belle?

My favourite part of uploading Disney vlogs is that I am able to share the magic in some way with others. It's so lovely to hear that people get their Disney magic fix from my weekly vlogs so to be able to provide that is wonderful! 

There are so many characters I love to meet, Belle being my favourite, but I also love Chip and Dale as they are so mischievous and fun! You also can't go to Disney without meeting the boss himself, Mickey Mouse!

Q. Who is your favourite Disney Princess and what is your favourite ornament?

My favourite princess is Belle, which sounds so cliché because I know SO many people who's favourite is Belle, but I just remember watching Beauty and the Beast over and over when I was younger and wanting to be her so badly! I just think she's gorgeous and such a strong role model! Go Belle! 

I'm gonna cheat a bit and say my favourite ornament is a collection, which is my collection of decorative shoe ornaments! Right now I have Rapunzel, Aurora and Cinderella and I am hoping to get lots more soon! I literally adore them they're beautiful and so intricate! I want them all haha!

Q. What was the best part about being best friends with Rapunzel? Any fond meets?

It's absolutely got to be making people's dreams come true, seeing their little faces light up when they turn a corner and see Rapunzel or Mr Smee coming towards them is just priceless!

Oh and my favourite meet was when a little girl was so stunned to meet Rapunzel that her legs gave way and she ended up talking to me whilst she was on the floor, bless her!

Q. Have you got a favourite character meet? Is there a character you wish to meet but haven't yet?

My favourite ever character meet was when I met Donald and Daisy (my favourite characters) at the Disneyland Paris Halloween Soirée last year! I really wanted to meet Daisy, it felt like they knew how much I loved them it was a great interaction.

It's my absolute dream to meet Flynn Ryder (Eugene) on his own or with Rapunzel I have my fingers crossed it will happen one day. 

Q. What do you love most about Disney and what do you love about making Disney crafts?

It's really hard to pick out something I like the most about Disney when I love everything about it! I really like how you can go places like Disneyland Paris and submerge yourself in a different world were you have no worries, and you can leave your troubles at the door. 

As for making Disney Crafts, I started making myself some little creations as I wanted to revive my 'inner creative goddess' and when I shared my creations on Twitter I was incredibly surprised by the reception and that other people would like to have their own which urged me to sell on Etsy. I really like that I can be creative and sharing it with those that love Disney as much as I do. Because after all, Disney is always a good idea.

Q. What was your favourite thing whilst working at Disney? Were there any hard dances?

My favourite thing was performing in 3 parades in one day. It was usually as the same role, and was a specific shift to include 3 parades. Performing in the parades was my favourite because it's the whole magic of Disney brought together in one show. The crowds are huge and everyone is happy. It felt wonderful (even when it was freezing cold on occasion)!

Dances weren't hard as such, the steps were fairly simple but it's negotiating a moving parade, while dancing that was the tricky part. We had to learn all the various walking dancers parts (eg: not on a float) so you could be doing a different dance every day. As a face character, I learnt the dances of my roles during show stops, where everyone gets off the floats to dance on the ground. Those were a bit more tricky but so much fun to do.

Q. Have you got a favourite memory from a trip? What is your favourite ride that you would go on again and again?

My favourite memory would have to be when Peter Pan shouted down from the parade float telling me how much he liked my (pink!) hair! He said he wanted hair just like it, haha! 

One ride I'd happily go on again and again would be Tower of Terror! I just LOVE the story, the theme and the tummy wobbles! <3

Q. How long have you loved Disney for and why? Do you have one Disney item that is your ultimate favourite?

I have loved Disney since as long as I can remember. Watching the classics on VHS with my family is one the main parts of my childhood, especially Robin Hood, The Sword In The Stone and the Princess movies!

My favourite Disney item has got to be my annual pass for Disneyland Paris, it is probably the best thing I have ever bought and I feel closer to the magic just having it!

Q. What is your favourite thing about Podcasting about Disneyland? What got you into Podcasting?

My favourite thing about podcasting about Disneyland Paris is that I get to talk about what I love, and that’s attractions. I love all of the work that goes into the pre-production, production and post production. I have found out so much about some of my favourite DLP attractions and love sharing this with our listeners.

I started following the DLP community on Twitter via my personal account, as I got more involved I decided to start a DLP account focusing on just DLP to keep things easy to follow. Through the years I have ran numerous websites and blogs, on different topics, I then decided to have a go at a DLP website. I first started by writing articles but I wasn’t enjoying it very much. I then decided to try podcasting. This idea came from the love of listening to DLP podcasts and there was only one at the time (Dedicated to DLP) so they needed a rival ;). I didn’t want to step on their toes so made the decision to focus on a single topic for each episode. The rest was history as they say. All we need to do now is record more often.

Q. What is your favourite thing about Disney World? Do you have any traditions you have to do?

It's probably the atmosphere, I have never been unhappy whilst in Disney, it's like all worries just disappear. 

I've only been to Disney World once but, I took my Disneyland Paris tradition with me and that was the first ride to go on was It's A Small World. I've been doing it for the past 15 years!

Q. What is your favourite thing about the Disney community? What are your favourite Disney blog posts?

My favourite thing about the Disney Community is that I always feel accepted and I know that even though I'm an adult there are lots of other like minded adults out there that love Disney just as much as I do and they are all so lovely and helpful and super supportive.

My favourite style of Disney Blog Posts are posts about people trips because I'm yet to go on my first trip. I kind of live vicariously and experience the magic of the parks through there great trips. I'm currently planning my first trip as well so holiday trips are number one on my favourite list right now.

The lovely Lizi asked me a question: What's your favourite view to photograph in Disneyland Paris?

It has to be the parades! I love it! They are so vibrant and colourful, and there's a lot going on. Especially the Halloween Calvacade, and of course Magic On Parade. My other favourite things to capture are the Princesses. Their dresses are stunning. You will normally find me running after a Princess! Details around the park are another favourite of mine, things you don't normally look out for make a great magical photo!

Thank you all for participating in my Disney Fan Community interview! I have loved getting to know you all, and hopefully one day we will all be at Disneyland Paris together! Keep an eye out for the next Disney Fan Interview.
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