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Walt Disney World Tag!

Hello everyone! I was tagged by Jason and Claire to do the Walt Disney World Tag!
I haven't been in ten years but I have been twice before. I thought I would do this as a blog post :-) Thank you for tagging me! Check out their video here. Enjoy! Steph

1) First time you went to Disney World?

First time I went was in 1995!

2) Favourite Disney World Park?

It's got to be Magic Kingdom! Walking down Main Street and seeing the castle is the most magical thing ever!

3) Favourite Land In Magic Kingdom?

Definitely Fantasyland!

4) Favourite On-site hotel?

I've never stayed in a hotel in Disney World. We always stayed in a Villa. I would love to stay at the Animation Resort or Grand Floridian.

5) Favourite Snack?

I love the Mickey Mouse ice creams lollies!

6) Favourite Souvenir?

My personalised drawing of Simba I got in 2006 when I past my exams. Its so beautiful and I'm so pleased I was given it. I was in shock!

7) Favourite Table Service?

The one I remember doing is Rainforest Café, I think I remember this because this was when my Simba drawing was being secretly drawn ha! I haven't been in ten years!

8) Favourite Counter Service?

It has been a while since I went so unfortunately I can't recall :-(

9) Favourite Character Dining?

I can't remember doing one at Walt Disney World but, I love Auberge De Cendrillon at Disneyland Paris! I hope one day I can do Be Our Guest and Cinderella's Royal Table!

10) Favourite Ride?

Haunted Mansion!

11) Least Favourite Ride?

Thunder Mountain! I went on it in Disneyland Paris as I was too scared when I was in Disney World and it's safe to say I won't be running to go on that again haha!

12) Favourite Show?

I loved the Beauty and The Beast show! But I think it has to be the Festival of The Lion King! I also really liked The Lion King one they had when it was released when I went in 1995 but I remember hiding under the chairs when the hyenas came out! Still scared of them now haha!

13) Favourite Parade?

I remembered that I loved watching the Electric Light Parade in 2006! My first ever parade was Mickey's Mania parade here is a video on YouTube to me it was huge! I was quite small and remember Peter and Wendy on bikes! I also loved the show Goof Troop!

14) Favourite Fireworks?


15) Favourite Epcot Pavilion?

I can remember the Mexico Pavilion but not many of them at Epcot. I do however remember the Dinosaur ride and being terrified of it haha!

16) What was your last magic band colour?

I have never experienced Magic Bands. If I were to get one I would get one with the Princesses on it! I think a trip is in order! 

17) Favourite Face Character Meet & Greet?

I didn't meet many in Disney World. I have met lots in Paris though! I loved the parades more back in the day. 

18) Favourite Non-face character meet & greet?

Mickey! I always love a hug from the main mouse himself! Also loved meeting Goofy by the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom!

19) Favourite Character you haven't met, but want to?

Rapunzel! Always wanting to meet her. I have met Flynn in DLP.

20) Favourite Attraction that is no longer there?

I think all of my favourites are still there. I wanted to ride POTC but it was closed I never knew why but later on learnt that they were adding Jack Sparrow to the attraction.

21) Your best Disney World memory?

The first time I met Mickey. I was in awe as you can see in the photo haha!

22) Favourite time of year to attend WDW? 

Summer! The smell of popcorn on a hot day is the best!

23) Favourite Disney Waterpark?

I don't think we went to the water parks.

24) Favourite Disney Waterpark slide?


25) Monorail or Ferry Boat?

Monorail! It was so exciting going on one for the first time arriving to the Magic Kingdom! Very surreal.

26) Movie you would love to see represented in one of the parks?

I would love to see a Lion King attraction. I know it has Festival of The Lion King and has had previous shows but, I think a ride would be amazing going through Pride Rock and the Elephant Graveyard and Timon and Pumbaa's home.

27) Favourite Dance Party? 

Dance parties weren't really there in 2006 that or I didn't see any another reason I need to go back!

28) Favourite Main Street shop?

I love all the shops on Main Street! Especially the one that sells Mickey Mouse shaped treats!

29) Favourite Disney Springs shop? 

The huge World of Disney Store! I also love the Animation shop where my Simba was drawn! It was still called Downtown Disney when I went!

30) Favourite Seasonal Event?

I haven't been to one at WDW but I would love to go for Halloween as I love that in Paris!

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