Sunday, 10 April 2016

Disney Meet Up In London!

Hello everyone! On Friday it was the second Disney Meet Up in London. It was the best day with such great people who all share the same love for Disney and Disneyland Paris. I am so lucky to have these girls as friends. I am now booked at the end of the month to go to Disneyland Paris with them and I cannot wait! I am also finally buying my Annual Pass!
I firstly met Lizi at Kings Cross. We had a wonder around the Harry Potter shop but, it was rammed in there. We decided to head to meet up with the other girls at the Disney Store on Bond Street. First there was Eleanor and Kat and then Sarah. We had a look around the shop and Jade met us. We all jumped in the pumpkin carriage which is my favourite thing and then sat in the cinema and watched Disney clips. I accidentally kept putting on Zootropolis and Ellie hadn't seen it yet haha oops!

(Photo by Kat)

We were in there a good hour and a bit the longest I've ever been in a Disney Store haha and then headed off to Lush. On the way, Kat introduced us to heaven! Ben's Cookies! Definitely going to have to get one on the way to Disneyland now haha! They are soft thick warm cookies - YUM!

We then arrived at Lush Oxford Street and had a look around. It is three floors. The smell is a bit strong but theres so much stuff in there! You could be in there for hours! We all had a photo and then it was sadly time for Kat to leave us :-( She was on her way to Prague! It was so lovely to meet Kat and I hope we get to hang out again very soon!

(Photo by Kat)

We then headed to Primark to look at all the Disney merchandise in there. I bought the Villain PJ's and the Princess PJ's. Then Darren met us! It was then time for food! I did around 16,000 steps in total! 

It was so great talking to everyone about Disneyland Paris about who there favourite meet and greet was and other things to do with DLP whilst we ate at Pizza Hut!

The lovely Lizi bought me a couple of her prints from her shop! I thought I would take a photo of it next to the London Underground! I can't wait to display these in my new room. Check out her shop!

I got my nails done especially of Minnie Mouse to match my new bag!

 We then headed to Leicester Square and went into Nickelodeon to meet Sponge Bob..shh! There was also Spiderman on the street advertising of course we were going to find a few characters to meet haha! You will see this in the vlog!

It was then time for me to say goodbye as I was going to play Beer Pong in Shoreditch! I was gutted to leave everyone but I said I will see you all in Disneyland sParis in a couple of weeks! I am now booked and I cannot wait to see everyone again!

Thank you all for making it such a wonderful day see you in Disney!

Steph x

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