Friday, 1 April 2016

My Disneyland Paris Wish List

Hello everyone. With only 120 days to go until my trip to Disneyland, I thought I would share with you my Disneyland Paris wish list.
I really want to drive down Main Street in a vehicle. I have always wanted to do this but I get too excited and run to the Castle haha! Even on my four day trip I didn't have time to wait for one but, it is my aim on my 10th trip in the summer to do this.

Buy Mickey Mouse shaped treats. I have only bought biscuits in the shape of him. I know there is a shop on Main Street that sells them but, whenever I am there the counter is shut or just has donuts out. My aim is to get a couple of pretty treats!

Eat in the Blue Lagoon. I love Pirates Of The Caribbean and I would love to eat in the restaurant. Watching people ride by whilst you eat looks amazing. I always go for the other restaurants with characters in them but need to give this a try.

I really want to go on the Jolly Roger. It is always cornered off when I am there.

To add to my list is also to take a trip on the Molly Brown.

I would love to also eat in Walt's. Just peering in the window it looks beautiful in there. I love all the vintage stuff from back in the day. I hear it's a great spot to watch the parade too.

To go on the Disneyland Railroad.

I want to meet Minnie Mouse in her Spring dress! The colours are so cute! Also I would love to get a photo of them both in their Christmas outfits too.

The characters I want to meet are; Rapunzel, I have been trying to meet Rapunzel since she was there in the parks in 2011. I have only met Flynn. Cruella, Peter Pan, Anna & Elsa, The Fairies, Tiana & Naveen, Rafiki, Daisy, Wendy, Hatter & Alice (I have photos of them from the parade but not with them) and the Tremaine sisters.

It is my dream to stay in the Disneyland Hotel even for a night just to experience it. I would love to be able to watch Dreams from the hotel room!

I also really want to do a themed brunch at Inventions. I loved eating there with Mickey, Minnie and Chip and Dale but, would love to do a Frozen, Cinderella, Alice or Neverland themed brunch.

Let me know what are your Dream things to do in Disneyland Paris? Enjoy Steph.
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