Monday, 23 May 2016

Disneyland April Day Two

Hello everyone. 

On the second day of Disneyland, I woke up really late. I set my alarm for half 7 to get the most out of Extra Magic Hours with my new Annual Pass. However, I woke up at half 8 and rushed out the door to get on the bus. It took 2 minutes to get to the park which is really good. It didn't stop at any other hotel. I wish I booked HiPark for July now.

I was delighted to see bright blue skies, like the Disneyland I know and love. I strangely had to wait by the gates for five minutes which was a bit annoying as Extra Magic Hours was on. I showed the Cast Member my AP and he told me to go around to the front entrance and wait in the queue there. I thought hang on..I just waited by the side entrance as the queue was huge at the main entrance. Finally getting in, I ran to Minnie's queue as I wanted to meet her in her Spring dress!

It didn't take that long which is good and I was in the cut off bit before Marie comes out. I was so happy as it was one of the things on my Disneyland wish list!

I love all the Spring decorations! They're so bright and colourful. I then headed to Adventureland to try and meet Peter. I met up with Mitchell and the others who were first in line already. We sadly got Smee but he was fun to meet again :-)

We then headed to Fantasyland to meet Alice! It was The White Rabbit but by the time we were in the queue, Alice and the Queen of Hearts came out and I was SO happy! Alice was perfect and she loved my dress and called me pumpkin haha! She was lovely!! We took selfies and bowed to the Queen.

I decided to go to the Princess Pavilion after Alice to try and catch Rapunzel.

I have been trying to since Tangled came out and she was in the parks in 2011. I met Flynn but her queue was too long, and I was only there for a day.

I told the man I would love to meet her and had met Ariel the day before. He led me in to the room and I was in such shock to see long hair and a pink dress. It was Rapunzel!! Finally!! After all these years of waiting to meet her! You can see my reaction in my last video and I really was shocked!

I had seen in photos of people holding her hair. I was so happy when she let me, I think these make great photographs! The photo pass photographer was impressed!

This is the best Princess Pavilion experience I have ever had so far and my favourite character meet!

I met the others for Forest of Enchantment again. I'm so glad I got to see this show twice. It really is worth waiting to see it in person than on YouTube. This time it was in French.

The next thing on my list was to see the Bunnyland Train! This song is super catchy. I wish they played this all year round I loved it!

I also had a Casey's Hot Dog as I was starving by this point. I didn't have time for breakfast!

I had a wonder around for a bit and queued for Prince Naveen and Tiana. I had been waiting to meet them for some time too so it was great to finally tick them off my list. 

Then my camera broke. I was so sad because I wanted to get great photos of the Mary Poppin's Welcome To Spring show. I had to use manual focus. I dropped it on the hard floor and I think the sensor is broken as it won't auto focus and I've tried other lenses too. So I am hunting for a new camera currently. 

I did get some video of this amazing show. I love the music and the fact it is in front of the castle.

It was then time to go home sadly. I had a great time with everyone and I can't wait for July and my first SoirĂ©e with the Disney Community. 

I just want to say thank you to Alyssa for my fabulous ears! All the characters loved them and it made the trip extra special :-)

I hope you enjoyed my updates, photos and videos. I will be doing more in July too :-)

Enjoy Steph
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