Thursday, 24 December 2015

A Mocktail With A View!

Hello everyone! I can't believe it is Christmas Eve! This year has gone so quickly. At the weekend, I visited a rooftop bar in London called the Madison Bar in St.Paul's, and what a view!

It was right next to St.Pauls iconic Cathedral. Definitely worth going to if you can't book a tour as you are literally up close to it when you visit the roof bar. You can also see my other favourite building The Shard and in the distance, the London Eye. It gives a great panoramic picture of London showing lots of history in one view.

The drinks on the menu are great! If you don't want an alcoholic beverage, you can have a Mocktail! I had Minted Lemonade which tasted like a Mojito!

I would definitely recommend visiting the roof bar as you get a great view of the City and can have a meal or a drink. There is also a shopping centre down below which was empty the weekend leading up to Christmas!

Enjoy Steph.

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