Friday, 13 November 2015

Disneyland Paris Day Two

Hello everyone! This is another post full of photos but its Disneyland so its ok! 

On the second day I decided to get up at half 7 for the extra magic hours that we got with hotel Santa Fé. It was a very long day but I loved every second of it!

I got to the park for half 8 and the first thing on the list was to meet Mickey AND Minnie. I've never met them at the same time before so I HAD to get a selfie. Nobody else was taking selfies everyone loved it! Its a pretty special photo. I loved my cousins meeting them too.

We then had a stroll up to the Castle which was nice and I have lots of photos on another post which you can view of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. I saw the queue for Malificent but we decided to head to the Carousel also, the Tea Cups but I gave it a miss as I'm more prone to motion sickness after Australia and it was quite early! 

It was then time for Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blast. I love that ride I think we went a bit fast on it though! I won with 4200 points! I was then going to go and meet Merida but, my cousin had booked Inventions which I was very excited about! I never thought to eat here as I thought the characters only came round on the Sundays. But I was wrong and was so happy to be having lunch with Minnie and Mickey!

We headed to the Pink Disneyland hotel (my dream to stay here!) and waited until Inventions opened. I love the smell of Baby Powder in there. You can buy it for €60. I saw they already had Christmas decs up which made me very excited. We got to our table finally and before we knew it Minnie came to say hello! Then Mickey, Chip and Dale and it was such a lovely experience and the view was amazing of the front entrance to the park! I am definitely booking here again. It is a buffet style with lots of choice to choose from! I then watched Mickey's Halloween Celebration Harvest which you can view the photos here.

We took our time in the hotel and I had a look at the shop. It was then time to go back for Merida as there was another time slot that wasn't advertised in the leaflet to come back at 4pm. The queue was empty! I finally met Merida and told her we were matching! I had planned to wear my green dress from that day for my Disney Bound! She loved it! I also got a selfie with Merida.

I then walked back to join my family as they were on Big Thunder Mountain and bumped into Jack Skellington and took another selfie! I was so pleased as I didn't meet him on the other two days. I said Happy Halloween and he said it back so I was very pleased he was walking off. I also saw the Halloween band which I wished I could have watched more of.

We then watched the It's Good To Be Bad show with the Villains. I wish I was closer as there were peoples heads in the way so I cropped the photo below a bit. It was on several times so I waited for the nighttime one too. Before that though, I watched Magic On Parade at the beginning of the parade route. I will have photos of this on Monday as I have a few more photos!

I hope you enjoy the photos below. Let me know in the comments whats your favourite thing to do at Disneyland. What do you have to do before you go home?

Enjoy Steph

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