Monday, 2 November 2015

Auberge De Cendrillon

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a happy Halloween! I had a great one at Disneyland Paris!

On the Wednesday I was there, one of my dreams finally came true. I had lunch at Auberge De Cendrillon - Cinderella's restaurant a character dining experience with not one but three Princesses, a Prince and Suzy and Perla!
It is a bit expensive but totally worth it as it beats the queueing for one Princess and not knowing who you are going to get. It was my birthday present and I took my goddaughter and my cousin with me! It was truly magical. They came round numerous times whilst we were waiting for food and when we had our food and posed for as many photos as you wished. The food - it was amazing! You could order to your requirement. I didn't like any of the sources on the chicken so I just asked for plain and it was delicious. The desert was what I was really excited for! A white chocolate mould of Cinderella's glass slipper filled with Chocolate Mousse! They include a drink which is a grapefruit juice if I remember. You can also order a Cocktail called a Glowtini which is blue with a flashing ice cube - that you get to keep.

The Princesses and Princes dance on the hour every hour and I managed to catch them twice. It was really lovely and I met Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty!

I definitely recommend Auberge and I'm so pleased I finally got to do this!

Enjoy, Steph.

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