Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Inside Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Hello everyone! Day two of Disneyland we decided to stroll through Sleeping Beauty's castle. It can get quite steep near the top and dark. I do love this castle! A tip is you can see the dragon underneath but I didn't see him this time round.

You can go outside at the top and peer over Fantasyland, one of my favourite views! As it was Halloween time, you could see all the vines surrounding the courtyard which were incredible!

As you go through the castle, there are two shops. One is a glass shop with loads of figurines and the other, is the all year round Christmas shop! Yes all year round! You then go up the huge stair case and follow the story of Aurora in beautiful stain glass windows, complete with a spinning wheel and a fireplace! I love the balcony as you can look down at the people crossing through the castle.

I tried to be a bit more artistic with my photos this trip capturing details of the building as I have so many. I hope you enjoy this walk through of Sleeping Beauty's castle! Watch out for Malificent!

What is your favourite Disney castle? Let me know in the comments below!


This was from the third day but thought I would include it in this post!

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