Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My Beauty Advent Calendars 2015

Hello everyone. I can't believe its the first of December! This year has gone so quickly, it feels like yesterday I was packing for my big adventure in Australia!

I jumped on the band wagon this year and bought my self my first ever beauty advent calendar. I was intrigued by them last year but, by the time I had heard of them they had all sold out! I was lucky this year and managed to get two!

I didn't realise some only went up to twelve days but that meant I had an excuse to buy two to fill up all 24 days. I picked up the Tanya Burr Cosmetics one for £15 and the Benefit Party Poppers one which was sold out! How did I get it? I went into Debenhams and they had it for £34! Its retailing price was £79!

I will be showing what I get every day on my Snapchat and Instagram so if you want to follow along to see whats behind each door follow me @StephRosPhoto. I think I'll start with the Benefit one.

I hope you enjoy my posts this month as I try to do Blogmas! I can't wait for the festivities to begin!

Enjoy Steph

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